• Noisy: Yes
  • Camshaft Gear Attachment: 3-bolt
  • Gear Drive Idler Style: Single idler
  • Maximum Advance/Retard at Camshaft: 6 degree
  • Maximum Advance/Retard at Crankshaft: 12 degree
Milodon timing-gear drive are designed for competition. Keeping the same cam timing weather you are on the street or at 10,000 rpms. Almost Impervious to wear, Milodon timing gear sets will keep it's settings indefinitely. Street or Strip, a Milodon fixed idler gear will make more power than a timing chain or a floating idler gear. WIth thier proven fixed idler-gear system is capable of ...
Part No: MLD13000
PRW Industries, Inc.PRW Industries, Inc.
0144002 Mopar 383-440 1959-79, Quiet1959 - 1979 Mopar/Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth 383, 400, 413, 426, 440 Big Block B and RB, Hemi, Quiet
Dual Gear Drive - Mopar 383-440 1959-79, Quiet, forward-thrust needle & cage bearings, offset cam bushings included. Replace your timing chain with a PRW Dual Gear Drive Set. These dual idler gear drives require little or no rebuilt machining. PRW steel alloy gears add longevity. Axial needle and cage thrust bearings and or/silicon bronze bushings reduce friction. Unlike timing chains, gear ...
Part No: PRW0144002