• Advance Type: Vacuum and mechanical
  • Ignition Box Included: No
  • Rev Limiter: No
  • Ignition Coil Included: Yes
  • Coil Style: E-core
This kit is supplied with our Ready-to-Run (PN 8360) Distributor along with a powerful Blaster SS Coil. The kit is complemented with a set of 8.5mm Super Conductor Wires, Pro-Clamp separators and even a Billet Hold-Down Clamp! Everything you need to get your new crate engine fired up. ...
Part No: MSD84741
  • Advance Type: Mechanical
  • Ignition Box Included: Yes
  • Rev Limiter: Yes
  • Ignition Coil Included: Yes
  • Coil Style: E-core
Top Street Performance is proud to offer a one-year warranty. TSP’s Power Pack ignition kit delivers our best ignition components, all in one box. It includes our PRO SERIES Pro Billet distributor, our 50,000 volt e-core ignition coil, and our 6AL style digital ignition box. This performance ignition kit is perfect for street and strip. PRO SERIES PRO BILLET DISTRIBUTOR TSP’s PRO SERIES Pro ...
Part No: TSPJM7904R-KT